Archivio: Ottobre 18, 2020

LFR collector IFC-1832

IFC-1832 is a linear concentrating solar collector specifically designed for process heat generation in the temperature range from 150°C to 300°C. The compact and modular structure allows the installation both in dedicated fields and in building integrated sites, including roofs.

The primary reflecting system integrates 18 high quality silver plated mirrors, which redirect the solar radiation towards a secondary metallic mirror. Finally the sun rays are concentrated into a vacuum glazed absorber, where the heat transfer fluid – either pressurized water or thermal oil – is heated at the requested temperature.

Each module reaches a thermal peak generation of 12.2 kW under reference conditions*, which corresponds to 530 W/m2 in terms of collector aperture area, and 345 W/m2 in terms of footprint area.